Mobile applications

For iOS and Android. Native and hybrid apps.

All-in-one house. Our expert team supports you through the entire software development process - from start to finish.

Fast, secure and user-friendly mobile application.

Clean code that ensures functionality, security and stability.

Do you need to help to build a new mobile app for your business? Here is our team of professional designers and developers.

And what will the app look like? It depends on you - on your specific product requirements, timeframe and available budget.

Mobile applications for the most used operating systems iOS and Android. Native or hybrid apps. Each of them has its pros and cons.

The native applications are created separately for each operating system. They are faster, more fluid and more user-friendly. However, this type of app requires more time for development and maintenance.

The hybrid applications are more simple to be developed and they are written in one code so you get one app for both operating systems. However, this causes limited functionality or reduced performance of the application.

We build mobile apps for iOS and Android. Would you rather a native or a hybrid version?

iOS and Android

We deliver mobile applications for the two most used operating systems - iOS and Android.

Native Apps

Excellent performance and smooth running. You get an app for each operating system separately.

Hybrid Apps

Faster development. Focus only on the features. One code for all operating systems.

How do we work?

The method of 2-week sprints guarantees the extremely fast development and the highest project predictability.


Introduction and goal setting

Let’s discuss your ideas, define your goals and gather other necessary information to start to work immediately on your project.


Research and Designs

To develop an understanding of the product, we first analyze competitors and available data. Then, we move on to wireframes to describe the flows and eventually create the final graphics.



Now, it’s time to choose which technology perfectly fits for your project. Software development includes writing code, testing and integrating third-party services.



The development team runs a series of tests to verify the quality of the code. You get a guarantee of functional software that meets your requirements and your expectations.



After a successful product testing, we implement the solution into the production environment. The team continues to monitor the state and make necessary updates and respond to unexpected occurrences.


Evaluation and next planning

We make a detailed evaluation of the application performance in a real environment. Based on the data gathered, we set new tasks to improve the product. We’ll integrate them within two weeks.

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